Outside Training has begun in Walkern for current Members on Friday evening

We will update the Website when we have a date for returning to training in the hall.



Call Brenda on 01462 768625

Don’t panic! Keep up with your training, there will be lots of joggers, bikes, people and there dogs out this month so use it to your advantage. Get outside and expose you pup to everything. Keep up travelling in the car ( even if only round the block) when out walk past or let your dogs say hello to as many dogs as possible ( with you social distancing from the other owners) recall your dog back to you with lots of rewards. Try not to let your puppy “rough play’ with other dogs, you be the focus of their play, take toys, treats etc out with you to play and train. Practise your loose lead work by going on street walks, up and down the road, changing direction, Moving at a good walking pace ( good for you and your dog) reward with lovely treats!

Stimulate your dogs brain by indoor games and training: sit, down, come, heel, stays, tricks, hunting for a treat.

Have fun everyone it takes years to train a dog, take your time and enjoy.I

You may find a class that is outdoors, maybe speak to Michelle for December as she has outdoor facilities.

Keep in touch and let us know how you are getting on.

North Herts Dog Training Club is a long established friendly pet dog club based in St Ippolyts which offers a number of activities and great expertise at a very reasonable cost

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